Community Buildings
High School Gym
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High School Gym
High School Gym
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Photo Description

Do you represent a committee or public school? Are you looking for a design/build contractor with a public works license? Streamline Precision builds community buildings.

Event Centers, Parks and Arenas

Aircraft Hangars, Fire Stations and Offices

Gyms and Recreation Facilities

A beautiful building with the strength of steel.

Standing Seam Roof - fireproof, leakproof, spans of 250 feet.

Concrete, Masonry and Brick!  Building exteriors that are as permanent as the look

Corporate Office
(208) 678 - 9204

(208) 431 - 7314

120 South 100 West
Burley, Idaho 83318

Mon - Fri
8:00am - 5:00pm MST

Quotation marks We met with Streamline and found them to be personable, knowledgeable and willing to help. We felt comfortable turning the entire project over to Streamline Precision. Quotation marks

Robert Farrel, CEO
Packaging Specialties

Date Posted:
Sunday, Jan 31 2016
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